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9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:10 am Opening Keynote: The Story So Far: Achieving Real World Application of Blockchain in the F&B Supply Chain

  • Paul Chang Global Blockchain Industry Leader, IBM


• To what extent is the industry exploring and adopting blockchain
• What partnerships and initiatives are already out there?
• A review of use cases and results to date
• Learning lessons from blockchain successes outside of the food and beverage sector
• What are the next steps and predictions for the uptake of blockchain across the supply chain?

9:50 am Leveraging Blockchain to Capture & Standardize Data Movements to Improve Traceability


• Ensuring blockchain meets the industry’s foundational concepts for drug identification
• Understanding the data implications for creating a chain of custody using blockchain
• Reviewing a use case that efficiently identifies products moving across the supply chain
• Exploring where to store the data that is tracked

10:20 am Panel Discussion: Reaching Consensus on Data Sharing & Governance Within Blockchain Ecosystems


• Understanding how to share the collection of data from farmer to retailer
• Establishing a common framework for industry standards for writing transactions on a blockchain
• Who will then ensure the authenticity of data imputing?
• Examining data privacy and management within a blockchain system
• Public vs Private blockchain – alleviating data ownership challenges and concerns
• What information on the system will the government, regulators and consumers have access to?

11:00 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

11:30 am Use Case 1 – The Convergence of Blockchain & IoT reinvents the Supply Chain for the Digital Era


• Envisioning blockchain as the engine driving a digital transformation of the traditional supply chain
• Leveraging blockchain, IoT, and advanced analytics to track, trace, and monitor product along the journey from “farm to table”, provide unsurpassed inventory visibility in near real time, and optimize inventory practices throughout the ecosystem
• Examining how IoT enabled remote monitor of product movement along the supply chain to ensure the highest quality and freshness
• Automating data capture and eliminate manual logs to build efficiency within the network
• Exposing the lessons learned from the Golden State Food’s pilot

12:10 pm Use Case 2 – Blockchain for Supply Chain Visibility

  • Brendan Solan Director of Supply Chain Platforms , Driscoll’s, Inc


• Learning how Driscoll’s is working with IBM and Walmart to evolve the IBM Food Trust platform:
– Capturing and sharing harvest data with the goal of improving produce traceability
– Capturing and sharing supply chain performance data with the goal of reducing dwell
– Capturing and sharing temperature data with the goal of improving cold chain performance
• Exploring the technology requirements to achieve these operational goals
• Understanding some of the key challenges and lessons learned in creating a solution ready for implementation
• Revealing the results to date and reflecting on next steps for industry adoption

12:45 pm Use Case 3 – Bayer’s Latest Blockchain Application – To Be Revealed Shortly

  • Michael Pareles Global Digital Strategy & Innovation Lead, Bayer Crop Science


• Revealing Bayer’s Crop Science division’s latest advancements with blockchain
• Learning how blockchain has tackled a specific business problem
• Exploring the methodoly and technical requirements to build their solution
• Discovering paint points and lessons learned on their blockchain journey
• Demonstrating their achievements so far and discussing what’s next

1:20 pm Lunch

2:20 pm Blockchain Goes Global: Adapting Trade Flows to Incorporate Blockchain Technology


• Exploring new efficiencies that blockchain can bring to trade across different geographies
• The need for blockchain standards and interoperability
• Co-opetition – “Where can we agree?”
• Use cases in global supply chain, including: chain of custody, provenance, clearance, etc.
• Learning how smart contracts can reduce cost and time of transactions for export trade

3:00 pm Managing the Transformational Change to Avoid Disruption

  • Dr. Darin Detwiler Assistant Dean, Regulatory Affairs, Food Industries, Northeastern University


• Reorienting traditional ways of practice to embed blockchain technology into everyday systems
• Adapting to cultural and practical changes without causing disruption
• Redefining trust in a decentralized system
• Securing the F&B supply chain without slowing down supply
• Adapting to a new environment and payment model
• Customizing a blockchain solution to serve our needs whilst retaining food safety
• Preparing for scalability from day one

3:40 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

4:00 pm Audience Discussion: Technology Considerations & Requirements for Implementation


• Exploring technology requirements prior to blockchain adoption: minimum digital capabilities and infrastructure
• To what extent can blockchain be integrated into legacy systems?
• Capabilities of private vs public blockchains: which works best for you?
• Building internal blockchain engineers vs outsourcing?
• Planning for cyber security risk mitigation in a blockchain ecosystem

4:30 pm Panel Discussion: Towards the Future: Industry-wide Implementation

  • Bob Wolpert Corporate SVP & President, Logistics Group
  • Bob Celeste Founder, Center for Supply Chain Studies
  • Dale Chrystie Business Fellow, Blockchain Strategist, FedEx
  • Dr. Darin Detwiler Assistant Dean, Regulatory Affairs, Food Industries, Northeastern University


• Who will take responsibility of the network is it scales and grows: internal or external party?
• Establishing the need for an intermediary to assure standards and manage the data on the blockchain
• Ensuring all stakeholders have input on how blockchain will administered and governed in the industry
• Discussing different funding options to achieve the investment needed: subscription fees?
• Will blockchain be able to cope with the computing power needed and who will pay for this?

5:10 pm Closing Remarks

5:15 pm End of Day Two