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7:45 am Breakfast Briefing – Blockchain 101

  • Paul Chang Global Blockchain Industry Leader, IBM


Moving beyond the hype and jargon, this workshop will explain the core principles and concepts of blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledgers to get you up to speed. You will learn how blockchain delivers trust and transparency and how this can add value to the food and beverage supply chain. This session will exemplify industry examples of the technology’s practical application.

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:10 am Opening Keynote: Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain to Transform the F&B Supply Chain

  • Bob Wolpert Corporate SVP & President, Logistics Group


• Discovering how blockchain has the potential to revolutionize a fragmented supply chain
• Improving interoperability, tackling fraud and achieving product differentiationthrough provenance, transparency and safety
• Understanding how digital enablers can replace old inventories with relevant and accessible information
• Why blockchain vs. other compliance or supply chain management systems?
• Envisaging a digital supply chain where the blockchain ecosystem connected to IoT devices can track food movement and events around the world
• Reviewing short and long term plans to kickstart your blockchain journey

9:50 am Blockchain in Practice: From Hype to Reality


• Envisaging new workflows, quality procedures and stakeholder relationships
• Transitioning to a paperless supply chain and exploring how workflows must be adapted
• Connecting blockchain to track both digital and non-digital assets
• Understanding what new quality procedures will need to be put in place to ensure consistency of data
• Envisioning new relationships between all key stakeholders
• Overcoming concerns about transparency: how to share information whilst remaining competitive

10:30 am From Farm to Fork: Blockchain for the Animal Protein Value Chain


  • Learning about a case study for blockchain for beef
  • Exploring the current challenges in the animal protein value chain
  • Unlocking farm data and overcoming paperwork inefficiencies in a non-digital supply chain
  • Examining manual interference and first mover disadvantages

11:00 am Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking


This speed Networking session is the ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face with other industry leaders. Specifically designed to connect you with many new contacts, take this opportunity to share learning, strategies and insight, as well as enhance your connections.

11:45 am From Conversation to Action: Gaining Buy-In for Blockchain Investment


• Building the business case for blockchain technology
• Understanding what c-level executives need to know to commit capital
• Moving beyond the concept to truly understand the benefits
• What type of investment will be required?
• Exploring short-term vs long term ROI for a low profit margin industry

12:15 pm Panel Discussion: Establishing the Fundamentals for Ecosystem-Wide Industry Engagement & Collaboration

  • Jennifer Crandall US Co-Founder, Global Food Blockchain Initiative
  • Kevin Otto Senior Director Food Service, GS1 US
  • Ed Treacy Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability , PMA
  • Craig Wilson Vice President Quality Assurance & Food Safety, Costco Wholesale Corporation


• What opportunities are there for industry collaboration?
• Overcoming the disincentives in the system to embrace blockchain
• Defining provenance expectations and practices for different stakeholders: not one size fits all
• Discussing interoperability between different supply chain systems, languages, countries, food coding practices
• Creating data verification practices
• How should we build small but plan for scale and prepare for data and technical barriers to implementation?

12:55 pm Lunch

1:55 pm Altering the Trajectory of the Food System


  • Empowering people to make confident choices about the food they eat, grow and sell
  • Using blockchain technology to enable food value chain stakeholders to better engage with consumers and the environment to create a food story

2:10 pm Panel Discussion: Identifying Opportunities For Blockchain Within the F&B Supply Chain: Leveraging its Potential

  • Dr. Darin Detwiler Assistant Dean, Regulatory Affairs, Food Industries, Northeastern University
  • Alberto Cozer Global Data Center Design Manager, Nestle
  • Adil Rahman Global Digital Strategy & Innovation Lead, Bayer Crop Science
  • Fabian Schvartzman Strategic Research and Technology Development Lead, AeroFarms
  • James Flynn Founder, Global Food Blockchain Initiative


• Discovering the key opportunities within the F&B supply chain
• How can blockchain influence compliance, provenance and fraud?
• Exploring its cost and time efficiencies: where is the greatest ROI
• What won’t blockchain solve?
• Ascertaining which opportunities will be the most practical and beneficial to your organization: big vs small companies

2:50 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

3:10 pm Industry Collaboration: Reviewing the Consortium Approach


• Creating an interoperable, distributive system amongst competitors
• Learning from another highly competitive industry’s consortium approach to advance its adoption of blockchain
• What are the benefits of collaboration for individual players?
• Utilizing blockchain technology to interconnect companies while allowing private communications
• To what extent can BC be efficient, sustainable and effective without all stakeholders across the supply chain on board?
• Challenges and successes from initiatives at the Center for Supply Chain Studies: what can the food and beverage supply chain learn?

3:50 pm Collaboration Beyond Borders: Global Food Blockchain Initiative (GFBI)


  • Learning about global efforts to unite the food industry on a path towards blockchain adoption
  • Exploring what GFBI have achieved to date
  • Determining next steps and future goals to increase collaboration and adoption
  • Discovering opportunities and benefits of involvement in the initiative


4:05 pm Enabling Small-Medium F&B Companies to Join the Blockchain Transformation

  • Ed Treacy Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability , PMA


• Overcoming economic barriers that prevent grassroots business from leveraging blockchain
• Discussing how big manufacturers and retailers can help smaller players get on board
• Exploring consumer drivers and economic incentives for producers to adopt blockchain
• Building blockchain into wider digital transformation plans
• Looking towards the future: how will smaller players compete in an ever competitive landscape?

4:45 pm Closing Remarks

4:55 pm End of Day One