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About Event

Cutting through blockchain hype to deliver actionable outcomes, participate in the only industry meeting which offers in-depth shared learning and collaboration through panel discussions, audience debate and intimate networking.

As a senior leader working across supply chain, food safety and quality, digital or IT, this conference will help you navigate the cultural, technological and regulatory hurdles of blockchain implementation. Optimize food safety and efficiency, provenance and consumer trust by learning from early adopters and industry experts to advance your adoption and collaboration plans.


2019 conference themes include:

Business Engagement, Strategy & Transition

  • Building the business case and gaining senior-level buy-in
  • Reviewing the transformational power for future supply chains
  • Identifying opportunities within your own supply chain and creating a strategy


Industry-Wide Transformation & Collaboration

  • Reviewing the consortium approach and current industry collaboration initiatives
  • Connecting the entire supply chain and improving interoperability amongst competitors
  • Exploring opportunities for small-medium F&B companies to join the transformation


Data Governance, Implementation & Scalability

  • Reaching consensus on data sharing and governance within blockchain ecosystems
  • Managing change, minimizing disruption and preparing for scalability – from POC stage
  • Utilizing smart contracts and adapting trade flows in the F&B supply chain


Food & Beverage Use Cases in Action

  • The Convergence of Blockchain and IoT reinvents the Supply Chain for the Digital Era
  • Blockchain for Supply Chain Visibility
  • Blockchain for Cold Chain